TCB Elvis Presley Fan Club Queensland Australia 

There is never a day go by that I don't think of Elvis.

I love Elvis with all my heart and I know there are still millions of fans around the world who have not fogotten you. 

There are now young fans learning out why we have loved him for so long. Elvis' memory will live on with the next generation .                        


Priscilla and Lisa-Marie are always giving us new ways to remember Elvis at Graceland.

Check out:

 for updates.

I will always keep Elvis' memory Alive 

Elvis 8th Jan 1935 -16th Aug 1977









         Elvis' Anniversary.

    "I'll Remember You" Elvis

 with Love Always



This page is dedicated to Elvis' Anniversary always        



Gladys with Elvis.

Gladys Love Presley passed away 14th August 1958


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